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Ubisoft reveals gameplay of Skulls & Bones at E3 2018

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“Sail on to the Indian Ocean in Skulls & Bones”

This year at E3 2018, Justin Farren, the creative director of Skulls & Bones invites you to join the hunt. The piracy life is dead, empires crushes who stand against them. So in order to survive, you will sail on to The Indian Ocean in order to loot the resources, trade routes of worth $10 billion a year.

To loot these ships, first, you should pick up a target and gather an intel. Secondly, you should know your hunting ground. The world of Skulls & Bones is reactive and evolving, Fortunes can reveal changes in fractions, weather, and trade routes. Favorable Winds will attract more merchants for you. But you will face more competition.

The essence of Skulls & Bones is the shared world, where every player encounter matters, it’s up to you whether you fight with them or become an ally.

Pirates will have a hideout where they can plan for their next attack and upgrade their ship according to the fortunes. Players will also be able to choose the crew and the perfect gear. Once you’re done you can start sailing.

You can register for the beta on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Skulls and Bones will release in 2019.

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