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PUBG Mobile update brings First Person mode, Royale Pass, and more

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PUBG Mobile Update brings Fortnite styled Battle Pass”

In the latest PUBG Mobile Update 0.6.0, the game now has received first-person mode, royal pass, improvements, bug fixes, and many more.

Below you can find all the details on the latest update

First-Person perspective:

Players now can switch to the first-person mode on PUBG Mobile in Classic mode. The first-person mode has its own tier system where players can earn reward after the end of the season.

Royale Pass Season 1:

Players will receive Royale Pass for free. A player needs to complete daily challenges and missions and get royale points. Players will also be able to earn extra Royale Points at Rank 70 and use them to redeem special rewards. Elite Royale Pass is also available in 2 editions to purchase which offers additional rewards.

Elite Upgrade – 600 UC’s

  1. Rare weapon finish
  2. Permanent rare sweatshirt
  3. Unlock weekly elite missions
  4. Unique Royale Pass icon

Elite Upgrade Plus – 1800 UC’s

  1. Rank 20
  2. Rare airplane finish
  3. Wanderer Outfit
  4. Elite upgrade pack

Upon increasing your rank, you will unlock rewards such as Airplane finishes, outfits, emotes, weapon finishes, room cards, frames, masks, and many more.


A smaller map, 100 players, more resources & air drops!

Weapon & airplane finishes:

Weapon finishes can be found through Royale Pass and it can be applied on your weapon. Players will highest Royale Pass Rank can change the airplane finish before dropping.


Now you can check out all the weapons and attach different attachments, use finishes and compare the stats.


Pistols now receive their own UI and slot in the backpack.


Melee weapons can destroy the vehicle’s tires.


Now you can mute each individual teammate in the squad.

Tier protection system.

Added a Tier protection system, preventing players from being demoted.


Now you can use emotes in the game to interact with other players. More emotes unlocked in the Royale Pass.

Social Networks:

Now you can link Facebook as well as Twitter account.

Room cards:

Room cards are lobbies created for community games and it can be achieved through Royale Pass.


New cosmetics items and crates are added.

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