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“[Fast Fav] works really well and I can’t imagine playing without it,” says IGN in The Crew 2 review.

Ubisoft’s open-world racing game sequel to The Crew, The Crew 2 is out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out all The Crew 2 review below.

  • Metacritic – 67/100

  • IGN – 7/10

    • The Crew 2 is big, confident, and stuffed with arcade racing action but it’s an uneven and unfinished package
  • PlayStation Universe – 8/10

    • An avalanche of racing goodness, hokey social media anchoring, and an oddly sparse open world aren’t enough to prevent The Crew 2 from improving on the original in every way and providing a multi-disciplined racer that is quite unlike any other on PS4.
  • GameSpot – 8/100

    • Despite its shortcomings, The Crew 2 still displays admirable strengths, which lie in its player-friendly features, freedom of movement, and its willingness to bend the rules in order to make things exciting and varied for an accessible, American-themed thrill ride.
  • The Sixth Axis – 7/10

    • The Crew 2 is a fun game in a lot of ways, but lackluster in others. For every enjoyable event, there may be another that is frustrating or simply a little boring. The open world can be great to explore, but thanks to being able to fast travel to every event you don’t ever actually need to physically cross the USA. Ubisoft should be commended for really taking a risk with The Crew 2 by adding so much and taking proceedings less seriously, but while The Crew 2 is a good arcade racer it still doesn’t quite rank among the best.
  • GamesRadar+ – 3.5/5

    • A successful sequel where it counts the most, only a few potholes slow The Crew 2 down in its drive to become the ultimate road trip.
  • Destructoid – 7/10

    • I think the developers made the right call by branching out with planes and boats and going for a more approachable play-what-you-like format. They just spread themselves too thin trying to cram it all in.

“It provides a fun driving experience and looks stunning, but ultimately it lacks focus from being pulled in too many directions,” says USgamer in The Crew 2 review.

  • Game Informer – 6/10

    • Other than brief moments, no part of The Crew 2 is captivating enough, including the rubberband-based gameplay, the events themselves, and the overall setup of the open world
  • Push Square6/10

    • While it’s disappointing to see The Crew 2 fall into some of the same pitfalls as its predecessor, its open world remains one of the most impressive playgrounds, in terms of scale, out there. Sure, there’s very little reason to explore its vast road networks outside of its visual appeal, but the sheer variety of different events, from nerve-racking aerial races to coast-to-coast endurance runs, will still get your heart racing
  • USgamer – 3/5

    • It’s not a bad game, as I never felt like I was gritting my teeth to play it, but it lacks a strong hook to keep you playing. Without that hook, you spend your time noticing all the small ways that the experience lets you down.
  • Trusted Reviews – 3/5

    • The Crew 2’s evident ambition to encompass cars, planes, and boats into a seamless sporting experience is admirable, but constantly undermined by the bland, unattractive shell in which it’s contained.
  • Metro GameCentral – 5/10

    • Some strange design decisions create a racing sequel that’s arguably worse than the original, and only time will tell whether it recovers from its poor start.
  • God is a Geek – 5/10

    • While it certainly improves upon the original in many ways, The Crew 2 is a step backward overall. Its rubberband AI is some of the worst in recent memory and its version of America feels empty, not at all like Forza Horizon, the game it really wants to be.

The Crew 2 is out now, Ubisoft promises on delivering new content every month starting with 2 new vehicles and many more. Check out our The Crew 2  Post Launch and Season Pass Content article for more details.

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