Fortnite Season 5 Details

Fortnite Season 5 is now live, new locations and vehicle added

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“Worlds collide in Fortnite Season 5 Battle Royale”

Viking ships, desert outposts, and ancient statues have appeared across the island. Hop in an All Terrain Kart (ATK) with your squad and uncover all-new mysteries and locations that await in Fortnite Season 5.

New Season, new Battle Pass. 100 levels,  over 100 new rewards. Available in-game right now for 950 V-Bucks.

All Terrain Kart
Powerslide into battle with the all-new All Terrain Kart (ATK)! Grab some friends and go for a ride.

Fortnite Season 5 Details

The new All Terrain Kart (ATK) has room for your entire squad, you can gain a speed boost after drifting, the roof of the cart acts as a bounce pad and work together as rear passengers to leap over obstacles with the ATK. as you will lean back and release at the same time, you will gain a higher jump. You can lean back you cart by holding S on keyboards or holding back on the thumbstick for controllers.

Test your courage and step through a Rift. You’re in for a wild ride.

Fortnite Season 5 Details

General Changes:

  • When the “Invited to Party” prompt appears in the UI you can now immediately accept the invite rather than having to open the Party Finder.
  • Updated consoles to use less shader storage. This improves patch sizes and reduces load times.
  • Optimized file ordering to reduce load times on all platforms.
  • The “Epic Friends” button now appears on the Main Menu when using a gamepad on Windows or Mac.
  • Fixed an issue that intermittently caused the Push-To-Talk setting to not function as intended.
  • Blocked players will no longer show as suggested friends.

Weapons + Items:

  • Shotguns now indicates how many pellets hit, visible within the reticle, the spread patterns are adjusted to be consistent with no random variation. Heavy Shotgun now fires 10 pellets rather than 5 and after firing a shotgun, another shotgun cannot be fired for a very short time.
  • Reduced Hunting Rifle aim assist when targeting to match that of other Sniper Rifles with projectile bullets.


  • The map now updated with desert biome and newer locations such as Paradise Palms, Lazy Links, and few unnamed POIs have also appeared across the island.
  • The center of Storm circles 7, 8, and 9 can now shift in random directions. As the storm closes in, it will move & shrink to the new location.
  • Starting in Season 5, progressive challenges no longer restricted to a single season. You can now complete progressive challenges at your own pace. Progressive challenges are now completed by acquiring a fixed amount of XP and no longer dependant on your season level.
  • Weekly challenges now splits into two sections, free and Battle Pass. The first 3 challenges will be available for free while the last 4 are only available if you own the Battle Pass. The threshold to unlock the weekly challenge reward will remain at 4.
  • You now earn XP for reviving teammates in 50v50 and Teams of 20 LTMs up to three times per match (30XP, 10XP, 10XP).
  • Weapon reticle will now fade slightly when reloading, out of ammo, or changing weapons.


  • Added unique ambient audio to the new desert biome. More unique ambient audio for the map will be coming in future updates!
  • Lowered the volume of the Battle Pass Challenge success sound.
  • UI audio redesigned, all button and interface sound updated.


  • Added extra audio and visual fanfare to the Victory Royale end of match sequence.
  • Zooming in and out on the map is now twice as fast with the controller.
  • The “Play Again” button will now allow players to preview pickaxe visual and sound effects in the Item Shop, Battle Pass, and Locker.
  • New faster animation for displaying XP sources have been added to the end of match stats screen.
  • Map markers will now re-appear if removed and added back to the exact same location.
  • End of match stats now appears correctly on all platforms in their correct numeric format.
  • Key bindings for weapon and structure sections in the HUD are now displayed properly.

For additional details on patch, visit here.

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